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I got to know Tony about a decade ago, I had always liked his playing, particularly his time sense and his pitch, even in his youth when he was a cool front-line dude. My ears have always been drawn to a player who has control over pitch: Tony is one of a handful of horn player colleagues whom I view as “pitch masters” (my coinage): Adrian Sherriff, Scott McConnachie, Adam Simmons and Simon Charles.

We were very familiar with each other’s playing and Tony was an inaugural member of ReMOVE, my most recent ensemble comprising Tony, Ren Walters, Ted Vining and myself. This group proved to be very useful for his transition into abstraction. He also engaged ReMOVE as his Masters’ recital ensemble on Nov 26, 2010.

Tony nominated me as one of his external teachers for his Masters’ course. He wanted to integrate his experience of my sessions into his course. There is an irony here in that this was the only time my studio sessions have been academically connected, if nor recognized..

I recorded and produced a CD of each session, as usual, and chose the generic name “EXPOSE“. The EXPOSE CD Series is an intensive and comprehensive record of my creative pedagogical work as well as a special documentation of our duo interactions. As the latter, it can be heard on two levels…. firstly as an exchange between a mature student (at the point of dramatic stylistic and creative change) and his long-in-the-tooth teacher (consolidating a long history of invention) and secondly as a highly creative dialog between two dedicated professional artists, beyond age difference, as pure music.

My work with Tony has been unique. I designed a complex program for him that undermined the entire finesse of his accomplishments. Nevertheless, he made a concentrated effort to fulfil the demands I placed on him. This program was one the highlights of my teaching career and resulted in a full-blooded duo music compared only to THAT (my partner, Dur-é Dara and Ren Walters and me). and my extraordinary collaborative duo with Ren. www. So successful was it that Tony developed it’s concepts and my recordings into the major component of his thesis.   appropriating  all aspects of the program into into an elaborate academic analysis within framework of his thesis.

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