TPP CD Collectiion – The Artists represented

The TPP CD Collection features predominantly Melbourne based composer/performers, in an extraordinary variety of improvised music events concentrating on what I coined in 1993, “Spontaneously Performed Interactive Composition”.

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Amelia Bardon – oboe
Brigid Burke – clarinets
Warren Burt – laptop electronics
Phil Bywater – saxophones, clarinet, flute
David Cahill – saxophones
Stuart Cambell – piano
James Clayden – text
Ned Collette – banjo/guitar
Carolyn Conners – voice, ukelele
Gary Costello – bass violin
Hope Csutoros – violin
Dur-é Dara – percussion
Simone de Haan – trombone
Tom Fryer – guitar
Paul Grabowsky (piano) and the Australian Art Orchestra,
Will Guthrie – drums and percussion
Sam Hall – drums
Peter Harper – saxophone
Steve Heather – drums/percussion
Jon Heilbron – bass violin

Tony Hicks – saxophones, clarinets, flute

Anta Hustas – bass violin
Neil Kelly – composer
Nadia Kostich – voice
Graeme Leak – percussion
Scott McConnachie – saxophones
Steve Magnusson – guitar
Natalia Mann – Harp
Miriam Morris – cello
Tim O’Dyer – saxophone
Sam Pankhurst – bass violin
Roger Pell – acoustic guitar
Graeme Perry – drums and percussion
Tim Pledger – clarinet
Anthony Schultz – piano accordian

Adrian Sherriff – bass trombone, shakahachi, percussion
Adam Simmons – saxophone, shakahachi
Clayton Thomas – bass violin
Phil Treloar – drums and percussion
Ted Vining – drums
Ren Walters – guitar
Alex Waterman – cello
Rosie Westbrook – bass violin
Julien Wilson – saxophone
Chris Young – saxophone, clarinet


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